[Newbie Comprehensive Guide]

World Ran Episode 7 mix Episode 9
6 Class Available Renewal with Extreme Reboot
Max Level: 230
Last Skill: 207
Max ups: +10
Last Weapon: Astral Weapon (Hellion Soon)
Last Set: Celestial Set (Deistic Soon)
Open Map (Level Requirement)
Strictly No Wings and Jejemon Costume
All items are huntable and craftable, market profitable game
Costume Set, Weapon and Accessory with stats available
Pots Based
Semi Classic Gameplay
Official Skill Effect
Contribution Points currency not requirement
In-game Time Convertion to EP
In-game Convertion from EP to Contribution Points (Combat Points)
In-game registration
In-game Item Shop and all
In-game Overall Ranking

Free: 1-16 Spiritual Sphere and Mesil sphere (Level: 1-167)
Quest: 17-22 Spiritual Sphere (Level: 177-207)

Class Available
• Swordsman
• Archer
• Shamman
• Brawler
• Extreme Reboot
• Gunner – Summon Soon

Freebies upon creation non trade all:
Permanent 185 Set each class, random stats +9
Permanent Weapon +9
Megaphone [50P]
Siberian Pet [7D]
Pet Skill — HP Increase
Pet Skill — Auto Loot Gold
Recovery Potion [1000P]
Optimus Bike [7D]

Enthralled Set Random Stats
Sovereign Weapon P+ +9 [7D]
Obli E

Level 1-30 Campus
Level 31-66 Campus Hole
Level 67-100 Trading Hole
Level 101-130 Wharf Passage
Level 131-162 Prison
Level 162-190 Root Hole
Level 191-230 Head B
or Level 191-215 Head B. then Level 215-230 SPP or SR

Accessories – Can be bought via Combat Points which is the Contribution Points
Dark Lunar – RCB1
Materials – Shibuya III & SPP

Note: You can access Saint Research, SPP and S3 via market portals

Veno – 4 Days (Random Astral Weapon)

Mutant & Bigbot – 2 Days (Random Celestial Parts)

Sonya – 38 Hours (Sovereign Weapon Random P+ +9)

Head B. Boss – 3 Hours (Fine Materials, Fine Burr [6P], Luxury Protection Potion [6P], Burr [12P], Protection Potion [12P], Fine Burr, Lux, Burr, Protpot)

Giant Hawk and Ultimate Destroyer – 24 Hours (Honor Weapon)

Geomencer, Reflector and Red Hair Warrior – 38 Hours (Sovereign Weapon No Ups)

DAA, Bilanggo, Astral Swordsman, Crimson Swordsman, Spice Boy, Corrupted Bumbero – 6 hours (Random Enthralled Armors)

+1 to +9 Fireburr/Luxury Protection Potion/Ganil and Bail Piece
+10 For 100% Use No Fail Upgrade Weapon +10 or No Fail Upgrade Armor +10

Note: Upgrade has GREAT chance to fail and/or Rebirth during upgrade.
Note: Use Protection Necklace while Upgrading to Avoid Item Vanishing.


Use Obli E

To Chat with all your School Mates a Region Chat Function was added to thr interface.

• Just Press ^ before your chat text to Region Chat your School Mates.

Maximum stats for Armors
Avoid: 35
Hitrate: 35
Defense: 100
Defense Percentage: 15%
Resistance: 15
Energy: 110
Attack: 145
Shooting: 145
Melee: 145
Vitality: 180

Maximum stats for accessories
Avoid: 35
Hitrate: 35
Defense: 100
Resistance: 15
Energy: 110
Attack: 145
Shooting: 145
Melee: 145

Mixumam stats for weapon
Avoid: 35
Hitrate: 35
Defense: 100
Attack Percentage: 20%
Resistance: 15
Energy: 110
Attack: 145
Shooting: 145
Melee: 145

Club War:
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
Time: 8:00PM – 9:00PM PHT

Tyranny Wars:
Time: Every 3 Hours
Reward: Random Bonus, Accessory Box [6H], and Contribution Points (Combat Points)

School Wars
Time: 9PM
Reward: On process

How to get EP?
Just PM our Donation Page
Donate Rate 1PHP : 1EP

Other process, afk your character and convert your gametime to EP, for 1month only (Christmas Exclusive)

Got any suggestion?
PM your ideas to our Official Page, with the hashtag #Suggestion

How to get Astral and Celestial?
– Astral and Celestial can be found at bosses

Is there Full Donate items here?
– No, pure crafting and hunting only

How to get Combat Points?
– Participate in TW contribution points is same as combat points, if you hit top 1 on TW and gain 30 Contribution points at the end, It will count on your Combat Points, you can also get them through AFK and Ep to CP convertion.

1 EP:2 CP

How to farm gold?
– Loot and Sell items in SR or SPP Map

What to do if i don’t have shibuya card, where to farm?
– You can enter shibuya once you hit level 175.

What to buy in EP?
– Costumes, Pet Skill and other daily needs.


Point   Level   Quest Name                      From: Target


1       2       Student Director’s Test         SD: 2 Butts from Little Hooligan

1       2       The Force Field Authentication  SD: Activate Campus Terminals

1       39      Physics Teacher’s Call          auto: Find Physics Teacher

1       39      Unverified Currency Notes       SD: Talk to SDs

1       39      Issue the Order Books           SD: Talk to Hole NPCs

1       39      Recycling the Map               PT: 7 Map pieces from Clown

1       46      Technical Teacher’s Test        TT: 20 Blood Hunger|UP|

1       53      Eliminate the HS|CE|FH          PT: 30 Hells|Car Engineer|25 FH

1       62      Eliminate the Bomber Clown      PT [SG]: 30 Bomber Clown

1       63      Special Agent’s Request         Special Agent: 20 Mummy Bandages

1       66      Eliminate the Jackson           Physics Teacher [SG]: Jackson

1       75      Obtain the Leonair College ID   Special Agent: Talk to SD [SG]

1       78      The Police’s Request            Police [TH]: Talk to TH NPCs – LH

3       112     Visiting the Old Man            Truck Driver: Talk to Folk

3       125     The Videotape Recovery          Folk: Search & pass items to IE

2       132     The First Test                  AngBeeLan: Cordy, FH, WW, SC

2       132     The Second Test                 AngBeeLan: 10 pills; Freezing Clown

5       144     Collecting the Items            Warden: Taba, B Ninja, Parak

2       148     Identify the Letter Pad         Warden: 6 letter pcs; Totoy Bato, Maso

TOTAL SKILL POINTS: 30 (lvl 148+)

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From: New Quest Helper {Skill Representative} [Campus]

Reward: Skill Points 2 (each quest)

* Eliminate 3 Bosses specified (below) within 60 minutes

* Confirm quest completion from Skill Representative {New Quest Helper}

Requirement:Immortal [Complete the requirements/objectives within

the stated time limit and Do Not Die during the test]

Notes: Bosses can be found in specific map spawn points or thru Oh No! Destiny boxes


– Eliminate Boss – Chief Hooligan       1. Eliminate 3 Chief Hooligan – 60 mins

  Req: lvl 5

– Eliminate Boss – Bandit Leader        2. Eliminate 3 Bandit Leader – 60 mins

  Req: lvl 10, completed “Eliminate Boss – Chief Hooligan”

– Eliminate Boss – Notorious Junkie     3. Eliminate 3 Notorious Junkie  – 60 mins

  Req: lvl 15, completed “Eliminate Boss – Bandit Leader”

– Eliminate Boss – Master Fencer        4. Eliminate 3 Master Fencer  – 60 mins

  Req: lvl 20, completed “Eliminate Boss – Notorious Junkie”

– Eliminate Boss – Brute Mauler         5. Eliminate 3 Brute Mauler  – 60 mins

  Req: lvl 25, completed “Eliminate Boss – Master Fencer”

– Eliminate Boss – Bruiser              6. Eliminate 3 Bruiser – 60 mins

  Req: lvl 30, completed “Eliminate Boss – Brute Mauler”

– Eliminate Boss – Furious Chef         7. Eliminate 3 Furious Chef  – 60 mins

  Req: lvl 35, completed “Eliminate Boss – Bruiser”

– Eliminate Boss – Welding Master       8. Eliminate 3 Welding Master – 60 mins

  Req: lvl 40, completed “Eliminate Boss – Furious Chef”

– Eliminate Boss – Obasan               9. Eliminate 3 Obasan – 60 mins

  Req: lvl 45, completed “Eliminate Boss – Welding Master”

– Eliminate Boss – Sanitizer Master     10.Eliminate 3 Sanitizer Master – 60 mins

  Req: lvl 50, completed “Eliminate Boss – Obasan”

– Eliminate Boss – Blood Robber         11.Eliminate 3 Blood Robber – 60 mins

  Req: lvl 55, completed “Eliminate Boss – Sanitizer Master”


EP 6-3 Obli E and New Quest Helper Skill Point Quests

From: New Quest Helper

Oblivion E Event

Req: lvl 30?

* Collect items to make Oblivion E item (kill Dormitory trash!)

* Check the items to the New Quest Helper

Reward: Oblivion E(Event) – non-drop, non-trade, good for 15 days,

restricted to inventory

Starting Battle Abilities Verification I

Req: lvl 163?

* Kill 3 Fire Ninja

* Pass to SkillPoint Helper for verification results. {confirm with New Quest Helper}

Reward: Skill Points 3

Starting Battle Abilities Verification II

Req: lvl 164?

* Kill 4 Light Inducer

* Pass to SkillPoint Helper for verification results. {confirm with New Quest Helper}

Reward: Skill Points 4

Starting Battle Abilities Verification III

Req: lvl 165?

* Kill 2 Poison Ninja

* Kill 3 Ice Inducer

* SkillPoint Helper for verification results. {confirm with New Quest Helper}

Reward: Skill Points 5

Starting Battle Abilities Verification IV

Req: lvl 166?

* Kill 6 Haring Braso

* SkillPoint Helper for verification results. {confirm with New Quest Helper}

Reward: Skill Points 6

Starting Battle Abilities Verification V

Req: lvl 167?

* Kill 7 Pretty Veyah

* SkillPoint Helper for verification results. {confirm with New Quest Helper}

Reward: Skills Points: 7



 Point   Level   Quest Name                      From – Target
3       1       <<default starting stat points>>
1       39      Recycling the Map                                   – PT – 7 Map pieces from Clowns
1       78      Investigate the Experimenta Po [TH] – visit SD and teachers
1       132     The First Test  (AngBeeLan)                  – Cordy, FH, WW, SC
1       147     Look for the Suspect                               – Look for clues, 1 Preso
2       165     Advance Physics Teacher’s Test  auto – Kill Ice Tyrant
6       191     Mid Term Executive Ability Test auto – 8 Light Inducers
9       195     Test ability to execute II      auto – 8 Fire Ninja
12      199     Test ability to execute III     auto – 8 Ice Inducers